Emergency Preparedness

    Our Emergency Preparedness Services

    Exxon Valdez. 9/11. Hurricane Harvey. The Sandy Hook shooting.

    Disasters like these shift our national consciousness and reshape the way U.S. organizations operate from day to day.

    We partner with a range of clients — including corporations, governments of every size, public health organizations, healthcare systems and public, private, and charter educational institutions — to prepare for emergencies created by a variety of disasters.

    From security assessments, resource needs, and complex logistical support, our team has you covered. 

    Emergency Preparedness and Response

    We’ll work with you to proactively prepare your organization for the worst, including:

    • Emergency preparedness planning
    • Local, state, and federal emergency-management compliance
    • Staff training and exercises
    • Facility readiness

    And when there’s an incident response situation, we’ll send a team in to be by your side.

    Our executive team has military, law enforcement and administration experience and provides the highest level of logistical support and knowledge in response.

    We've worked alongside clients to prepare for emergencies created by a variety of disasters:

    Natural disasters

    • Hurricanes
    • Floods
    • Earthquakes
    • Tornadoes
    • Other severe inclement weather
    • Wildfires

    Man-made disasters

    • School shootings
    • Workplace violence
    • Terrorist attacks
    • Armed conflict

    Technological disasters

    • Oil and chemical spills
    • Oil and gas pipeline security
    • Nuclear incidents and other explosions
    • Widespread utility outages
    • Data security breaches

    School Safety And Security

    School administrators, resource officers, psychologists, social workers, nurses, counselors, public information and community relations directors, community-based mental health service providers, and crisis team members are increasingly facing complex threats to the safety of their institutions.

    Facility assessments

    We provide emergency-preparedness assessments to help educators evaluate safety measures already in place — as well as recommendations for enhancing them with improvements at the building and district levels.

    Assessments are district-specific and address your unique concerns and needs, not pre-packaged comments and forms with a few name changes. They are designed to help educators be proactive, not reactive, with school safety.

    School leaders use our security and preparedness assessments as:

    • Risk-management tools: Reduce the risk of crime and violence threats, as well as potential exposure to liability
    • Community-relations tools: Demonstrate your commitment to security before a crisis.

    Our assessment findings reflect the positive safety measures already in place, as well as areas for continued planning and improvement. These reports are designed to be used as strategic planning tools — they are never a criticism of a school’s competency or credibility.

    Emergency planning

    Whether from the district level or within an individual school, our plans provide your staff a comprehensive overview of emergency response.

    Our plans are developed in cooperation with school and district administrators to be “non-technical” and are always written in accordance with local/state/federal policies, recommendations, and guidance.

    In addition to emergency operations and response, our plans can also areas such as relocation and reunification, as well as business continuity.

    Training and exercises

    Our training and exercises are designed to address all-hazards, from an options-based response to an active threat, to severe weather and hazardous materials.

    They are developed to include all primary and ancillary staff members and always are conducted in an environment intended to be positive, open, and interactive.

    Our drills and exercises are designed to teach, not just test. To enhance realism, we often invite local first responders to participate to strengthen community relationships.

    Assessing and managing school threats

    Our threat assessment program is designed to improve awareness and response to threats — and offer common-sense tactics to create more cognitive, less emotional responses to threats.

    We’ll help you:

    • Understand emerging threat trends impacting school security and emergency preparedness
    • Learn from previous high-profile national incidents of school violence
    • Prevent the disruption of classroom instruction and school activities caused by premature and unnecessary school evacuations and closures
    • Assess and manage individual student threats including sample thwarted plots and sample threat assessment failure
    • Classify threats and take appropriate investigative actions to reduce the likelihood of violence
    • Plan for a variety of emergency scenarios, including bomb threats, school-shooting hoaxes and “swatting,” and mass text message rumors of violence, and non-student threats

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