Intelligence Services

    Our Intelligence Services

    Intelligence informs all the work we do at The North Group, but when intelligence is the job, trust our mission-tailored team to get it done.

    Our highly trained and tested intelligence analysts have real-world experience — both military and civilian. We use the latest in state-of-the-art intelligence tools, including:

    • Analyst Notebook
    • LexisNexis Accurint
    • SAS

    Let us gather the information you need to drive your operations forward.

    Due Diligence

    Today’s complex business dealings require a sophisticated approach from start to finish. Our due diligence offerings include:

    • Assessing and examining potential targets for mergers and acquisitions
    • Investigating future material matters
    • Examining current policies and procedures that may affect the deal

    We’re ready to perform your due diligence with rigor and impeccable attention to detail.

    International Travel Assessments

    International journeys can be exciting as a leisure traveler and profitable as a business traveler — but traveling to countries outside your own also comes with a set of challenges and security risks. Let us help you prepare for successful travel abroad!

    We’ll seek out information and intelligence pertaining to your destination or business travel area and report back to you — and to further ensure your safety, we can even provide a personal security detail during your travels (our team is trained in both intelligence services and high-threat protective operations).

    Corporate intelligence and competitive analysis

    Our intelligence personnel can embed within your personal life or organization to identify threats to you or your organization’s safety. Our consultants are armed with a full range of intelligence products, assessments and dashboard-development capabilities to get the job done, to include:

    • CCIR/PIR development
    • Digital MCOO development
    • Country briefs
    • Custom travel guides and documents
    • Local and global threat analysis and vulnerability reports
    • Situation event templates
    • Demographic studies
    • Cultural studies

    Our services are discreet, confidential, and designed to provide peace of mind that you can face any existing or potential future risk head on.

    Red Team Analysis and Organic Security Testing

    Troubleshooting existing infrastructure to uncover vulnerabilities and exploit unwanted opportunities is critical to the integrity of your organization’s security.

    Our trusted professionals will dive deep to identify and test vulnerabilities associated with your special events, business and physical structure, sporting events, government buildings, and military facilities.

    After completing their analysis, our team can stay by your side and transition into an ongoing protective services role, putting our recommended solutions and best practices into action in order to harden and secure your interests.


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