Protective Services

    Our Protective Services

    With growing global security concerns, ongoing risk management for yourself and your assets is a constantly evolving process.  Your organization’s protective-services needs constantly change with the competitive landscape, political climate, and your own vulnerabilities.

    Here for you at a moment's notice, our vast network of highly trained professionals is operationally ready in over 190 countries.

    Our protective services and security offerings begin with a strategy refined by intelligence.  Intelligence drives operations, so an operational intelligence overview is conducted with every client proposal, at no extra charge.  It's how we make sure the job is done right.

    We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your existing security threats and weaknesses, and provide you with a sound strategy to improve existing policies and procedures — with minimal impact on your business operations, customer experience, and personal life.

    Expert Protection Services

    Our protective services include:
    • Corporate and Executive Protection
    • Government protective services
    • Secure Travel Services (can include armed escorts for operations to international and questionable destinations)
    • Executive Drivers
    • Protective Surveillance

    Executive Protection

    TNG Executive Protection Services are structured to mitigate the ever-changing personal risks facing our clients due to their wealth, occupation, status, travel destinations, and other contributing factors.  

    Our comprehensive Executive Protection services are designed to provide our clients privacy and peace of mind so they can focus on what’s most important.

    Our approach to Executive Protection:

    Safety and Productivity: We keep our clients safe so they can be productive, providing Return on Investment (ROI).

    Scalability: We provide customized security solutions that can be scaled quickly as your situations evolve.  Whether you need a single agent or a fully embedded team of agents, we vet only the best.  TNG provides comprehensive flexible security solutions to meet your current and future needs.

    World-Wide Coverage: With our international network of better security parters, we are able to provide coverage where your business takes you.

    Intelligence Driven: We use Intelligence to spot potential risks and to mitigate them more efficiently.  Efficient security is more cost effective and provides greater ROI.


    Secure Travel Services

    TNG Secure Travel Services provide clients with a peace of mind by securing safe, customized transportation, accommodations, and other travel services both domestically & internationally.

    Unlike chauffeur, taxi, limousine, or private driver services, TNG provides safe and secure transportation through our vetted network. 


    Executive Drivers

    Our staff have driven for celebrities, heads of state and fortune 500 executives.  TNG provides clients with the option to maintain a one time, part-time or even full-time Executive Driver.   You can trust our highly trained, screened and experienced staff. 

    Our drivers have the support of emergency response teams, available for purchase.  Gain access to our full services Command Staff and Intelligence Division, including our Global Support Network.

    Excellent for your next business trip, family vacation or everyday care, clients are free to increase their own productivity as we handle their security.


    Protective Surveillance

    Protective surveillance is a means of providing protection when standard protective methods may be seen as intrusive or inappropriate. 

    Protective surveillance consists of using technology or physical surveillance methods to develop ongoing intelligence and risk assessment while blending into the environment.  Our Protective Services Division works closely with the Intelligence and Special Projects Divisions to build custom solutions to serve your needs.



    Event Security Services

    It's time to upgrade your Event Security.  Our team doesn't just clock in and out: we work 24/7 to provide you with up-to-the-minute Intelligence Assessments, highly qualified & vetted security personnel and high-tech solutions.  Make sure your attendees are safe before, during and after the event.  Solutions include:

    • Social Media Threat Analysis
    • On-site Physical Presence
    • A.I. Software to detect threats as they escalate
    • Facial Recognition Software
    • Technology Installation
    • Custom Event Security Plans

    We’re not purely service providers. Our client relationships are long-term partnerships built on trust.

    • Corporate Events
    • Large Public Gatherings
    • Concerts & Festivals
    • Share Holder Meetings
    • Board Meetings

    And once we’ve delivered a recommended path forward for your security solution, we can stay with you and oversee the process from beginning to end — whether you need day-of security for a high-profile event, ongoing protective services for your corporate headquarters, or a personalized travel security detail for the trip of a lifetime.

    Our core services include:

    • Route advances and site assessments
    • Hotel security
    • Security consulting
    • Crisis/risk management
    • Workplace stability: employee terminations, workplace violence incidents
    • Event security: shareholder/boardroom meetings, etc.
    • International security

    Custom Security Program Development

    The North Group builds and services security programs to protect your unique position.  We assess, plan, coordinate, and implement a security posture that meets the operational need.

    • Workplace Stability -
      Employee Terminations / Workplace Violence Incidents

    • Security Consulting Services
    • Crisis & Risk Management

    Hotel Security

    TNG offers Hotel advances to minimize the risks of a hotel you may chose to stay at.

    We can provide physical (halls & walls), or technical security to help secure your stay.  We also offer comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVAs) to hotel management to help the strengthen the security posture.


    Residential Security Programs

    TNG provides comprehensive Residential or Estate Security Program development and management to protect our clients' loved ones and property from a myriad of threats, including home invasions, disturbances, trespassing, privacy invasions, threats, and other potential criminal groups. 

    TNG staff work with our internal state-of-the-art Intelligence Division to develop TVAs, Security Technology tools, best practices, procedures, and full-service physical security solutions, all aimed at mitigating risk.

    TNG combines various factors to obtain maximum results: 

    1. Threat Vulnerability Assessment: Used to determine Risks and Vulnerabilities to our clients and their properties.
    1. Consideration of lifestyle preferences: Used to determine how clients wish to interact with security measures put in place while respecting their privacy.
    1. Cost: Realizing a balance between cost and actual needs to give maximum Return on Investment (ROI).
    1. Sustainability: Based on a comprehensive review of security measures and client lifestyle to create an effective yet sustainable program. 
    1. Scalability: Based on the evolving needs of the clients Protective needs to increase or reduce security measures as needed. 

    What we offer:

    1. Comprehensive project management with ongoing evaluation, maintenance, and program improvement.
    1. Vendor relations and management.
    1. Background checks for staff including (ground maintenance, nannies, housekeeping, personnel assistants).
    1. Recruitment, training, of residential security agents.

    Holistic Security Assessments and Audits

    Securing your organization's personnel and assets is a process of evolution that requires constant vigilance.

    The North Group offers turnkey solutions that identify and assess your vulnerabilities and negative opportunities.  Operationally ready in over 130 countries.

    After conducting a detailed analysis, we provide you with a sound strategy to improve existing policies and procedures that will have minimal impact on business operations and customer experience.

    • Security Advances
    • Security Assessments
    • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
    • Security Support Services during Disaster & Emergency Response

    Oil and gas stability operations

    Our team has years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and we understand the required stability to build and maintain pipeline, drilling, or transport and maintenance operations.

    Whether you are surveying to construct a pipeline or already transporting fossil fuels, the North Group will provide best-in-class security for your oil and gas investments around the world.


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