Special projects

    Our Special Project Services

    Our executive team’s history has experience in the military, law enforcement, industrial automation, and management sectors.

    Our combined experience — along with enhanced intelligence capabilities and access to cutting-edge intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies — means we’re ready to tackle any client need, no matter how complex.

    Unmanned systems

    Unmanned system technologies are quickly emerging as broad security asset for enhanced situational awareness and threat response.

    Using unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles,  unattended ground sensors, and autonomous underwater vehicles our special projects team can support a variety of applications depending on client needs:

    • Terrain Survey
    • Thermographic Analysis
    • Change or Leak Detection
    • Pipeline Security
    • Infrastructure Assessments
    • Reconnaissance and Surveillance
    • Unmanned Security Patrol
    • Landmine Detection and Eradication
    • Explosive Ordinance Disposal
    • Personnel Recovery
    • Early Warning

    Aviation Solutions

    At The North Group we pay precise and thorough attention to every detail of the services we offer. From Helicopter or Fixed-Wing Charters to Tactical Training, from Maintenance to Logistical Support, from Aerospace Medicine to Aviation Consultation The North Group is unsurpassed for Value, Reliability and Customer Satisfaction. Founded by Armed Forces Veterans with real world operational experience, The North Group operates under 14 CFR Part 133, 135 and 137 to meet any operational challenge.


    Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) is a key component of many tactical security operations, and manned fixed-wing aircraft are often your best asset in order to maintain vigilant situational awareness.

    We rapidly integrate multiple surveillance and intelligence capabilities into a platform that has been optimized for maximum endurance over the area of operation:

    • Integration of multiple intelligence sensors to include a combination of EO/IR, SAR, WAMI, Maritime Radar, SIGINT and others.
    • Deployed highly experienced former military pilots, sensor operators and specialized maintenance teams to austere, remote worldwide locations.
    • Expertise to gather, process, exploit and disseminate collected information rapidly for actionable intelligence, an important piece to the Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate (F3EAD) cycle.
    • Maintain the aircraft (currently over 85% OR rate) at OCONUS locations.
    • Rapidly adapt to the customer’s requirements to include on the fly change of missions to short notice relocation of assets.
    • Operate multiple communications systems to include everything from beyond line of sight (BLOS) to UHF/VHF and secure video downlinks.
    • Research, development, and operational testing of cutting edge tactics, technology and procedures to offer our clients the best solutions for their complex problems.
    • Secure classroom and living area that can support ISR related courses to include sensor operators, SI personnel and aircrew.

    Electronic tracking systems

    Many of the threats that we help our clients mitigate use various mobility strategies and weapons for logistics and posturing.

    Integrating tracking systems into your security strategy gives you the ability to learn the routes your threats use, where your threats congregate, and how to apprehend or neutralize your threats at the best time and place.

    Discovering the right tracking technology for your application is easy; knowing how to deploy them without detection is what we do best.

    Whether you are tracking a targeted individual or organization, we have a strategic tracking solution that will ensure the success of your mission.

    Armored vehicles

    Armored vehicles play a big role in securing the safety of our clientele. In many security scenarios, threat-oriented contact can happen during vehicular travel.

    Whether you are a high-value individual or are simply traveling in a hostile environment, our armored vehicle capabilities can ensure that you are bulletproof during your vehicular movements.

    Mobile security solutions

    We provide creative surveillance solutions for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment. Every product has been developed with ease of use, practicality, and the highest quality at the lowest costs on the market today. 

    Rugged construction, smart energy management, and innovative modular design allows you to spend less on implementation and upkeep from day one.

    We help you configure a system tailored to your needs, and all of our base packages come with the functions and capabilities desired most by today's mobile power application users.

    Our modular designs provide reliable rapid deployment so that you can use them when and where you need them. Our MP Status software provides status and control to keep you informed and your hardware operating.

    Smart combinations of security technologies and reliable power configurations allow you to focus on your priority tasks — without having to worry about maintaining your systems.


    • Mobile Security Trailers
    • Pole/Mast Mounted Surveillance
    • Gate Sentry
    • LPR Station
    • HOPBOX

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